A Heroines Perspective

A Heroines Perspective ? My Monster And Me


Everyone knows the Giant Monsters in the CoX universe after just a short while in the game. Many have fought them as well, if only to get the badges they award. Oddly, despite the fact we’re heroes, you don’t often see people fighting them more then the once needed for a badge.

Lusca often haunts the waters in independence Port, Adamastor is so far out of the way in Dark Astoria it’s probably mostly fluke, or a case of serious badge hunting, that brings him to the worlds attention, same with the Kraken, off in poor, lonely Perez Park. So how come there are so rarely shouts and screams from the Heroes (and Villains) of CoX to take them out?

Well, for one, the tangible experience, which is what the player is looking for, is not all that much for what is usually a very long fight. I believe the Developers were concerned with people ‘farming’ the GM’s, which I suppose is possible. Still, you’d think you’d get something worth while for killing off a huge threat to the city, right? Mm, no, not really. And I, at least, think that the Developers may way to take another look at this. I’m not saying make them worth insane amounts of experience or influence or something, but make them worthwhile!

I just spent several hours fighting four different GM’s – Adamastor, Lusca, Jack in Chains and Eochai. The only one I actually needed a badge for was Adamastor. So why did I stay with the team after Adamastor? Because it’s FUN. It takes about two teams now to take down a GM, and a lot of hard work to manage it even then. There’s nothing that feels quite so heroic as being in the mass of other heroes, powers flying everywhere, watching the damage fly and chasing around that GM. And then, you feel almost excited when it falls, hitting the ground with a big crash.

Okay, maybe no big crash. The point is that GM’s are a wonderful aspect of the game, giving everyone from newbies to veterans something challenging to fight. With them needing about two teams now to beat, you don’t have the problem of people keeping it ‘in house’ all the time now either. Well, not always. Maybe if they dropped a nice shiny enhancement when they finally keeled over it would be even easier to get the teams to beat them. Something, anything worth while. When it takes half an hour, maybe more, to beat one, I doubt there needs to be fear of farming. It’s more profitable to play missions, but if they do happen to give something, maybe there’d be more people willing to interrupt their regular game play to be a hero for a bit and save the city from the latest GM attack.

Thats just my opinion. Either way, I’ll keep fighting them – because it’s fun, and makes me feel really ‘super’ in a way pounding the five millionth Circle of Thorns Mage into the ground doesn’t. We’ll see you in the game, have fun – and remember, only YOU can save the city. @Mialiah ([email protected])

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