A Look Inside the Dishonored “Experience”


“Experience,” the new Dishonored Developer Documentary, talks about what players can expect from their adventures in Dunwall.

It seems like just yesterday that we watched the Dishonored video “Immersion,” but it wasn’t – it was actually the day before yesterday. Today, it’s “Experience,” which touches on some aspects of the game we’ve already seen while expanding on the idea that different approaches to gameplay can yield different, but equally valid and “successful,” results.

Dishonored may be “the first assassination game where you don’t actually have to kill anybody,” as Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith put it. Players can go wild with violence or they can approach situations “surgically,” getting in and out without anyone knowing they were there. The AI is designed to react appropriately to whatever they may do, and when violence does take place, weapons and powers can be combined in devastating and sometimes unexpected fashion.

The Dishonored hype is running hot, and as a few people have already mentioned, Bethesda could be at risk of overselling it. It’s tough to allow players this degree of freedom and yet keep everything believable, because when you give them the opportunity to throw knuckleballs, you can be sure that they will. But if the game is able to handle it as deftly as the developers promise, it could very well be amazing.

Dishonored comes out on October 9 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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