A Whole New First Person “Shooter”


Rob Spence is taking advantage of a childhood eye injury to develop a new kind of “first person shooter”: a camera that fits in his eye socket.

Spence lost his eye in a shotgun accident when he was 13. It didn’t prevent him from becoming a director, but did inspire him to team up with engineer pal Kosta Grammatis to create a “bionic” replacement, that could shoot film from a purely first person view. A team of ocularists, inventors and engineering specialists signed on for the appropriately named “Eyeborg” project, to create a prosthetic eyeball that contains a miniature surveillance camera.

The prosthetic itself is made from a 1.5mm CMOS camera connected to a RF transmitter “smaller than the tip of a pencil eraser” and powered by a lithium battery. The film footage is transmitted back to a backpack worn by Spence.

While this might bring thoughts of Steve Austin to mind, Spence aims to use the Eyeborg specifically to create films on how much surveillance is encroaching into modern society.

His website is here but be warned that it does contain some very graphic images.

Dungeons and Dragons fanatics may note the similarity to the Eye of Vecna, but there’s no news on the Head of Vecna to go with it.

Source: The Register: Warning: Graphic Imagery

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