A AAA survival horror Alien game is currently in development, in addition to development or a pitch for an Alien: Isolation sequel.

A AAA survival horror Alien game is currently in development, according to a report from notable leaker Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming. The site claims to have received relevant documents, concept art, and information from a source that wants to remain anonymous, and the game is currently slated to release for current-gen consoles sometime in holiday 2023. The developer behind the game is not yet known, but the project is reportedly working under the codename “Marathon.”

This new AAA survival horror Alien game apparently takes inspiration from other survival horror titles like Dead Space and Resident Evil. Both of those games see players managing scarce resources as they fight off waves of enemies and solve puzzles. If the AAA Alien game does indeed take after those games, players can expect a tense experience.

Meanwhile, citing the same anonymous source (but being unable to confirm it independently), the report also states that a sequel to Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation is either in development or in the pitching stage. The potential developer of this game is not known either, though it would make sense if Creative Assembly were to return to develop it. The existence of an Alien: Isolation sequel is far from confirmed, so this information should be taken as a rumor.

The Alien franchise has a long history with video games. Aside from the well-received Alien: Isolation, gamers have received titles such as Aliens: Colonial Marines in 2013 and Aliens vs. Predator in 2010. Most recently, Cold Iron Studios released team-based survival game Aliens: Fireteam Elite in 2021, and in 2023, Tindalos Interactive will release a single-player top-down squad-based shooter, Aliens: Dark Descent.

If it’s real, there’s no telling when this AAA survival horror Alien game will be announced or even who is developing it. However, The Game Awards 2022 is set to premiere on December 8, so hopefully we’ll see some sort of announcement then.

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