Fury Abilities Exposé Series

Abilities Exposé #5


And we’re back! In week five we get a look at four more abilities, the life blood of your character in Fury. Traitor’s Curse not only hurts your enemies, but might well transfer their pain to you as a heal; Annihilate is a direct damage debuff; Reflect does just what you might think from the name, reflect damage back at the attacker; and Flame Dart is an MMO staple that shoots fire at your enemies.

Fury Abilities Exposé #5
Courtesy of Auran

Interior of Death School Concept Art (Exclusive)

Interior of Death School Concept Art (Exclusive)

Picking a class in most MMOs is a difficult decision. In choosing a class you effectively make a decision about what role you’d like to play. From this point on you’re left at the discretion of the development team as to how they envision the class’s gameplay, role and balance. Hopefully their vision and balance align with yours. If it doesn’t, it may be time to re-roll or even time for a new game.

Fury breaks the class mold entirely. In Fury, you are able to learn abilities from each of the four schools and eight disciplines. You are then given the freedom to create templates consisting of any of the abilities your avatar has learned. You aren’t tied to the developer’s vision of a ‘tank’, ‘healer’ or ‘hybrid’. You define your own vision, your own path, your own Incarnation.

All abilities in Fury are associated with one of the four schools and eight disciplines. The abilities from each school are focused on one primary element and two secondary elements. The four elements are Water, Nature, Fire, and Air.

The following are a few examples from Fury’s 400+ distinct abilities.

image Name: Traitor’s Curse
Element: Water
School: Life
Discipline: Healer
Charges: Consumption
Effects Category: Damage Protection – Heal
Target Type: Single Target
Description: A spiritual ability that deals Water damage to the target and Curses them at the same time. While this Curse is active there is a chance that any enemy who attacks the target will be healed.
Tip: Traitor’s Curse is most effective when used upon a target that is being attacked by a multiple allies. Whether in a group or solo, Traitor’s Curse gives you the chance to be healed whilst attacking an opponent, so it’s useful in any situation.
image Name: Annihilate
Element: Air
School: Life
Discipline: Champion
Charges: Generation
Effects Category: Damage Debuff
Target Type: Single Target
Description: A physical attack that deals moderate Air damage and Diseases the target. This Disease effect lowers the target’s resistance to Air attacks and may stack.
Tip: You can reap the most benefit by using Annihilate in conjunction with other Air damage abilities. Since Air attacks often have similar Disease effects, a group using their Air abilities together on one target will be very effective at dropping that target swiftly.
image Name: Reflect
Element: Nature
School: Life
Discipline: Champion
Charges: Generation
Effects Category: Shield
Target Type: Single Target
Description: Creates a Boon on the user. This Boon lowers incoming damage and reflects a portion of it back at the attacker.
Tip: This shield not only protects its user but also inflicts some damage back at their attacker. Remember, the damage your opponent receives from Reflect is a direct result of damage taken by you, so use this in combination with a good healing ability to achieve the best results.
image Name: Flame Dart
Element: Fire
School: Death
Discipline: Invoker
Charges: Generation
Effects Category: Damage
Target Type: Single target
Description: A spiritual attack that deals low Fire damage to the target.
Tip: Flame Dart is a solid base attack for any ranged Fire damage Incarnation. Not only does Flame Dart do respectable damage, it generates a high amount of Fire charges as well. Start off with Flame Dart, then use your built-up charges to perform some heavy damage abilities.

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