Acclaim to Introduce In-Game Ads


IGA Worldwide has signed an in-game ad deal with Acclaim for MMOG titles.

Advertising firm IGA Worldwide has inked a deal with Acclaim Games to provide in-game advertisements for six new massively multiplayer online games. The deal allows IGA to provide ads in 2Moons, 9Dragons, DANCE!, BOTS!! and two unnamed titles. BOTS!! was launched in July 2006 and has nearly 500,000 members from North America and Europe. Dave Perry, the founder of Shiny Entertainment, is developing two titles with Acclaim, 2Moons and DANCE!

Justin Townsend, CEO of IGA Worldwide, stated: “This agreement expands the growth of our advertising network into social gaming, delivering a mass market to advertisers wanting to access the powerful engagement and proven effectiveness of in-game advertising. This is the first of a string of announcements in this exciting new space, with well over 20 titles signed and due for launch over the coming quarter.”

Acclaim also announced a deal with Internet Payment Solutions, Inc to allow MMOG players a system to pay for virtual items in online games. The system, PayByCash, is currently offered as a payment solution in BOTS!!, and will be compatible with future Acclaim MMOGs.

“Acclaim Games’ digital objects sales business model is one we’ve historically been very successful in supporting. No other payment processor does a better job of helping merchants like Acclaim monetize the demographic they’re pursuing,” said Kevin Higgins, CEO of PayByCash.

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