Activision Inviting Gamers to Murder Their Makers at Spike VGAs


Killer or Detective? That’s the question that Activision is asking with a new teaser website.

Much like BioWare, Activision has a mysterious new game it plans to announce at the Spike Videogame Awards next month, and it would rather like us to start guessing and speculating about it at our earliest convenience.

The publisher has set up a teaser website, with nothing on it but a single image of a man looking at a cluttered collection of newspaper clippings, notes and missing persons notices, all linked to points on a map. The man has his back to us, so we can’t tell anything about him other than he has a shaved head and wears a vibrant red scarf. The on-screen text simply says “Murder Your Maker. 12.11.2010. Spike TV Videogame Awards.”

Unfortunately, the camera’s focus is on the man’s back, rather than the wall, so it’s hard to make out any details. You can see what looks like a missing persons poster for eight people in the bottom right hand corner, a black and white image that kind of looks like the brain slice images you get from CAT scanners above that and something that could be a pickaxe in the bottom left corner. What a pickaxe and a CAT scan might have to do eight missing people is anyone’s guess, however.

There’s also likely a lot of significance in “murder your maker.” The phrase is usually “meet your maker,” and refers to people dying and going on to the afterlife. This could hint at some religious connotations, or perhaps a parent on the trail of his or her murderous offspring.

I’m guessing the guy in the red scarf is someone on the trail of a serial killer, and not a killer himself, because the wall looks like an effort to track a person down, rather than a wall of treasured, and diabolical, memories. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a atmospheric psychological horror game, because genuinely creepy games are too few and far between, and it would be a real treat to play a new one.

The Spike Videogame Awards take place on December 11th, which is when we’ll find out what’s really going on.

Source: CVG

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