Adjusting Battlefield 3’s Brightness Could Get You Banned


DICE claims the Battlefield 3 color mod is a “proper cheat.”

If you love blue, then DICE’s Battlefield 3 is not for you, as a color-altering mod for this modern action shooter has been tagged as a potential cheat by DICE designer Gustav Holling. The attached trailer shows off the mod’s moves, turning washed-out backdrops into eye-popping scenes that, Holling says, is “to [sic] colorful” for Battlefield 3.

Holling, when asked about the mod on Twitter, responded by saying that “I wouldn’t use those hacks if you don’t want a perm ban on your account.” When queried as to how DICE might know the mod was in place, Holling responded “It’s a surprise for the cheaters modifying game files.” Holling also described the brightness mod as a “proper cheat.”

Some Reddit posters claimed to have already been banned for using the brightness mod. The mod has been the subject of discussion on Battlefield 3 forums, but the not-quite-final word was had by moderator halninekay: “Altering or modding the game files is not allowed and is a ToS violation.” DICE’s fear seems to be that, if the modders can get into the color gradient filter, they can get into a lot of other potentially game-changing places.

Even so, the PC has traditionally been modders heaven and a diktat from the publisher – whether or not it was ultimately inspired by EA, as some posters on the Battlefield 3 forums seemed to believe – isn’t going to change that. Particularly not when the competition (why hello Valve, didn’t see you there) actively encourages player participation in their sandbox.

Source: PC Gamer

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