Admins of WoW Legacy Server “Nostalrius” to Meet With Blizzard


Could this be the beginnings of an “official” World of Warcraft legacy server?

Earlier in the year, Blizzard suddenly swung down its cease-and-desist hammer on long-standing privately run World of Warcraft legacy sever: Nostalrius. There was a fairly tremendous backlash, but it didn’t seem like Blizzard was going to budge on the issue. However, the admins of the shuttered server have just announced that they will be meeting with Blizzard to discuss potential “official” legacy severs.

“The last few weeks have been full of exciting events that we did not anticipate. We saw the first official answer from J. Allen Brack on the topic of legacy servers, the petition reached 250.000 signatures, and we are currently scheduling a meeting at Blizzard campus,” wrote Nostalrius admin Daemon.

He continued to state that “We are very excited to be able to help Blizzard understand the part of their community asking for legacy servers,” and the meetings will be conducted “in the hope that they will eventually make it possible to legally play previous game expansions,” which certainly makes it sound like official servers are something that could very really happen. Blizzard itself said in its official response to the controversy that classic servers are something it had been thinking about for years.

Furthermore, Daemon confirmed that Nostalrius source code and database won’t ever be released to the public, partly due to the hope that should official legacy servers come to be, there would no longer be a need for people to emulate the game on private servers.

It’s very exciting stuff for all of us World of Warcraft veterans who want to re-live the glory days of the game, such as endlessly farming soul shards to summon 39 other people to the raid, being constantly ganked by a level 60 rogue in Stranglethorn Valley, and of course, saving up gold for months in order to be able to afford one of the ludicrously overpriced epic mounts.

Source: Nostalrius

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