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Adventure Is Nigh! – The Platinum Heart Episode 14: King Fuzzyhug


Adventure Is Nigh: The Platinum Heart episode 14 is sponsored by Hobgoblin, a brutally fast tabletop fantasy wargame of mass battles from Electi Studio and creator Mike Hutchinson, available to join in open beta now ahead of its January Kickstarter! Hobgoblin miniatures are featured from Bestiarum Miniatures.

Welcome to Adventure Is Nigh: The Platinum Heart episode 14, “King Fuzzyhug.” Join Jack Packard as Dungeon Master for an epic Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign featuring Yahtzee Croshaw as Mortimer, KC Nwosu as Sigmar, Amy Campbell as Dabarella, and Jesse Galena as Grinderbin.

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Jack Packard
In 2019, Jack started at The Escapist by shouting into a camera about video games. Now Jack spends most of his time using a goofy voice to shout into a camera while playing Dungeons & Dragons. Jack has been a Professional Video Producer and Editor for the past 16 years and a Video Game Enjoyer ever since “my dad yelled at me for putting the Zapper Gun right up against the TV while playing Duck Hunt!” He loves games like Dark Souls, The Zelda Series, Darks Souls 2, DOOM(2016), Elden RIng, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, and Dark Souls.