After Fiasco, Ubisoft Says Silent Hunter 4 Patch Is A Go


After a controversial announcement last week that Silent Hunter 4 may not receive a critical patch, Ubisoft has officially announced that it will proceed with the update.

The submarine hunter simulation apparently suffers from a number of key flaws, including lack of proper sonar and radar, range detection and group AI.

In a previous community forum post, a Ubisoft employee had warned players that a patch may not be coming, urging them to do some legwork in finding the most critical problems and asking them to plead to management for the fixes.

Response to the latest announcement has been ambivalent, with many posters appearing relieved or elated that a patch will be forthcoming but also embittered by the experience itself.

The company has not said whether support will continue beyond the planned patch, nor has it issued a release date for it.

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