Aim Away From the Face and Learn to Talk With Icewind Dale‘s Survival Rules


We’re one day away from the end of the Survival Rules series and the release of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Catch the final episodes exclusively at The Escapist.

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will release tomorrow, delivering to gamers everywhere a shiny new version of one of the RPG genre’s most beloved isometric classics. That won’t be the only thing happening tomorrow though. October 30th will also mark the end of Beamdog and Wizard of the Coast’s series of Survival Rules.

Released exclusively through The Escapist, this series of videos has, as of today, already offered nine valuable lessons to help give new players and veterans alike a leg up when the new version of the game launches. Most recently, the Survival Rules, hosted by the ever affable Alveus Malcanter, focused on the importance of aiming your explosions and (occasionally) indulging in peaceful conversation.

To find out the subject of the final Survival Rule check back in with The Escapist tomorrow.

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