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Aka Lets You Just Chill in a Gorgeous Open World as a Red Panda

Aka game trailer Cosmo Gatto Neowiz red panda open-world adventure adorable

Publisher Neowiz and developer Cosmo Gatto will launch the “small open-world” game Aka on Nintendo Switch and PC in Q4 2022 (via Gematsu). The environments are vibrant, the characters are cute, and you play as a red panda that wears clothes for some reason. It sounds like a recipe for one of the great chill games of 2022, alongside titles like Lil Gator Game. The Aka game trailer from Neowiz certainly exudes that vibe anyway.

The premise of the game is that a war has ended, and a friend has invited you to live a “peaceful life” on his island. You will engage in relaxing activities such as growing flowers and vegetables, which will involve the use of wild animals. You will also collect materials to build shelter, tools, clothes, and other things that are either for decoration or have quest significance. Since the game is open-world, you have agency in when and if you complete the game’s various quests. Aka wants to offer you the chance to “find inner peace or just wander around.” And really, aren’t both of those pretty nice things?

Aka looks precious, but it isn’t the first adorable story to star a red panda this year. That honor goes to Turning Red. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for this one on Switch and PC later this year.

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