Alan Moore is apparently working on a videogame, but you didn’t hear it from him.

It’s no secret that acclaimed comic writer Alan Moore has no interest in letting people make film adaptations of his comic books. As a result, fans on the Web have been pretty surprised to hear that the man may be working on a “transmedia project” that would include a videogame tie-in.

The news came about during a Q&A session in London last night where Moore was celebrating his magazine, Dodgem Logic. During the session, someone asked Moore if he ever had an interest in videogames.

Moore revealed that he is now looking at a project created with a number of different mediums in mind. While it’s evidently not settled yet, he said there may be “possibly some surprising stuff happening in the next 12 months”

“You didn’t hear it from me,” Moore added.

This is a pretty abrupt shift from Moore’s stance on adaptations, so it’d certainly be interesting to see just what the man is working on. Up til this point, the only games that have tied into his comics were the Watchmen and Constantine games; while these weren’t exactly terrible, they weren’t anything special either. Hopefully a project that Moore is directly involved with will have better results.

Source: Shack News

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