3-D Flash online game Xivio has partnered with Alchemic Dream for customer support and parental controls.

Virtual world has hired Alchemic Dream Inc. to provide members with in-game monitoring, assistance and support. Xivio is a Flash-based online game that doesn’t require users to download any features. All of Alchemic Dream’s services, such as email support, chat moderation, in-game events and community management, will be offered online.

This partnership continues Xivio’s efforts to increase user safety. In September, it launched the Open Ratings System and Parents’ Zone to label game content appropriate for different age groups and allow parents to moderate the game for their kids.

Xivio President and Chief Executive Officer David Wisotzky stated, “As we look to expand’s offerings, we needed to find a partner who could assist us with the most important part of our site – the members who use it regularly. Alchemic Dream is a leader in MMOG management and their extensive expertise in this area makes them a natural fit for our future goals.”

“ is very promising and we are proud to bring our experience in online worlds management to help Xivio to reach a wide market,” added Aurelien Merville, Alchemic Dream’s Chief Executive Officer.

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