Alice Falls Further Down the Rabbit Hole in Stunning Madness Returns Fan Trailer


What can you do when your veins start begging you for help?

Whether you like the games or not, it’s hard to deny that American McGee’s version of Alice in Wonderland has some pretty amazing imagery. It’s the kind of thing that sticks with a person, as it has with filmmaker R Zane Rutledge, who made an official trailer for the original Alice, and now, eleven years later, has made a fan trailer for the sequel, Madness Returns.

The film stars Austin-based actor Jennymarie Jemison as Alice, with directing and visual effects duties handled by Zane. Jemison’s previous credits include a number of short films and an appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as one of the game’s many pedestrians. According to her blog, she – or at least, her voice – will also appear in the upcoming Serious Sam 3 as the fighter pilot Hellfire. Zane has also worked on shorts, as well as producing work for “too many ad agencies and clients to care to list or remember.”

Appropriately enough, Zane based his new trailer on his old trailer – which you can see below – recreating a lot of the original details from eleven years ago. It’s an amazing effort, and clearly a labor of love. Of all the promotional material I’ve seen for Madness Returns – which is quite a lot – this is the first that gave that same chill as the very first teaser trailer with the teeth and the blood.

Source: io9

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