Alien: Isolation Will Have Non-Alien Enemies

Aliens Isolation Screen

You won’t be quite as isolated in Alien: Isolation as we initially thought.

In Creative Assembly’s upcoming survival-horror shooter Alien: Isolation, there will, of course, be but a single Xenomorph, much like the original Alien movie. However, that doesn’t mean that you will only have one thing to shoot at, as an interview with The Examiner has revealed that the game will feature some non-alien enemies.

“The game is very much about the player’s journey as they attempt to survive. The Sevastopol itself is a physically dangerous place, one which the player must navigate their way through,” said Jonathan Court, Senior Producer at Creative Assembly. “Of course, there’s the Alien, but the station is also populated with the remaining inhabitants, also struggling to survive. How they react to events and the player is sometimes positive, sometimes negative. This will give the player a massive variety of locations, obstacles and situations to overcome.”

Court also talked about a few more features in the game, such as a crafting system that will allow players to make various things including weapons, and a player choice system that will change the game’s outcome based on the choices you make.

He addressed some concerns about the lack of a co-op mode, stating that the singleplayer only route is the right decision as the team could “focus all of our attention on delivering a fantastic single player experience.” When asked if the game will see microtransactions in any shape or form, Court gave a very curt “no”.

Alien: Isolation is shaping up to be the Alien game we deserve, and should hopefully help wash out that horrible taste Colonial Marines left behind…

Source: The Examiner

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