All Aboard the Steampunk Time Machine


A group of nerds in the U.K. has released an awesome, horror-filled video of a trip into Earth’s past aboard the fully-functioning steampunk time machine they built in their garage.

Time travel is a risky business at the best of times, but when your Paradox Lock craps out on you in the middle of 1944 Germany? Man, that’s the kind of trouble nobody needs. If you want to experience the wonders of human history first-hand, though, sometimes you have to roll the dice.

The time machine built by the guys at Death to the Flippers doesn’t actually skip back through the centuries, but it does provide a hell of a ride. The steampunk-style capsule, handled by a pair of appropriately-garbed operators, takes its passenger back into prehistory before an accidental dunk in the ocean does a little damage and leaves the player vulnerable to future (past) nastiness.

As awesome as the trip through time is, I was even more impressed with The Engineer’s View, a making-of video that reveals the men behind the curtain. Keep in mind as you watch that this was all done in their garage and with only four operators. Why? Because, apparently, that’s just how they roll. “Staged a full scale alien invasion last year, took a chain saw to a mate the previous year,” the creators wrote on their site. “Rather good fun.”

Rather good fun indeed.

via: Boing Boing

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