All Four Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC Packs Due By August


There’s more Xenomorphs on the way, but they mostly come at night… mostly.

Have you already beaten Aliens: Colonial Marines? You may find that question silly, given that the game just came out today, but it turns out the game can actually be completed in just one 6-hour sitting. So if you picked the game up this morning and bested it by now, you’ll (maybe) be happy to hear that all four of the game’s planned DLC add-ons will be released by the end of August.

As reported earlier, the first of the packs is scheduled for a March release. It’s titled “Bug Hunt” and will add a co-op Horde-style mode where players face off against ever-increasing waves of enemies. The content of the remaining DLC add-ons has not yet been revealed.

Colonial Marines is taking a bit of a beating in terms of review scores at the moment, with the majority of reviewers – including yours truly – giving the game somewhere between between 4 and 6 out of 10. If you’re interested in seeing the game first-hand, you can check out our live stream later today.

Source: OXM

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