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All the Best Character Recipes in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Carl

Aside from fighting as the game’s regular cast, Street Fighter 6 also lets you create your own in-game avatar. Sure, you can make your own original character, but a lot of players have been making characters from other media. Want to fight as Geralt from The Witcher series? Just put in the character recipe code and you’re good to go. That’s why I’ve rounded up all the best character recipes in Street Fighter 6.

Here Are the Best Street Fighter 6 Character Recipes and How to Use Them

Before we dive into the characters themselves, I’ll explain how character codes work. When you first enter Street Fighter 6’s World Tour or Battle Hub modes you’ll be prompted to create a character. 

It looks like most other character creators — you can change face size, eye color, arm length — you can really go wild. And it doesn’t stop you creating some absolutely bizarre characters, either. 

Once you’ve made your character you can get a character code which you can then share. Or, if you go to the download option on the right right tab of the character creator, you can put in a code someone else has shared with you. 

Make sure all the letters are uppercase and, hey presto, the character will appear. Now, you can save that character yourself and use it yourself. You’ll have to either start a new World Tour game or go to one of the Salons in World Tour mode to switch over to it. 

Now you’ve got that, here are all the best character recipes in Street Fighter 6. 

Street Fighter 6 Goro Majima

Goro Majima (Credit: Keaton_X)

Despite the lack of an eyepatch (you can apparently pick one up in game), this is a dead ringer for Yakuza/Like a Dragon’s Goro Majima. Sadly, you can’t have him leaping out of bins to harass passers by, but watching him go toe-to-toe with a mime never gets old. 

Character recipe: JCTWNUL5R

Street Fighter 6 Waluigi

Waluigi (Credit: Bath_Man)

Wah-hou-ken! Poor old Waluigi has been tragically and unfairly shunned by the Super Smash Bros series. But, thanks to Reddit user Bath_Man, he’ll get to make his mark on the world of Street Fighter 6. 

Character recipe: 8J7P4XN35

Street Fighter 6 Jinx

Jinx (Credit: Odd_Importance7507)

Even if you’ve never played League of Legends you can’t have missed out on how big a deal it is. So it’s no surprise that chaotic criminal Jinx has made her way to SF 6. This version of the character is based on Netflix’s Arkane series. 

Character recipe: TFJXX6CLA

Street Fighter 6 Nina Williams

Nina Williams (Credit: namizo88)

This isn’t the first time Nina Williams, Tekken’s badass assassin, has appeared in a Capcom brawler. She was one of the fighters in Street Fighter X Tekken, though the planned Namco-developed Tekken X Street Fighter was never made.

Character recipe: GV3C54C4H

Street Fighter 6 Kazuma Kiryu

Kazuma Kiryu (Credit: BlackRooster211)

If Goro Majima is too off-the-wall for you, then Yakuza series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu might be more your speed. As stoney-faced as he can be, he’s more than capable of taking on Street Fighter 6’s main roster.

Character recipe: UQX4M5D6T

Street Fighter 6 Regina

Regina (Credit: Jawmuncher)

Dino Crisis’s Regina is back! Unfortunately, this Street Fighter 6 character creation is your only chance of seeing her in a new Capcom game. Yes, I’m bitter there’s not been a new Dino Crisis and that Capcom is almost rubbing it in with Exoprimal. Does it show?

Character recipe: SRF68QDWB

Street Fighter 6 Kratos

Kratos (Credit: StorminNormin66)

The monster-murdering Dad of the Year joins SF 6’s roster, albeit without his trademark axe or blades. Still he’s already done Mortal Kombat 9 so it was only a matter of time until he got around to Ken and co. 

Character recipe: U9KS49VAG

Street Fighter 6 Geralt of Rivia

Geralt of Rivia (Credit: ClemsoH)

Like Kratos, this isn’t the first time Witcher Geralt has turned up in a one-on-one beat-’em-up. He featured in Soul Calibur VI, alongside Nier: Automata’s 2B. I’d like someone to take a leaf out of Soul Calibur IV’s book and put Darth Vader in the game. But I’m not sure SF 6’s character creator stretches that far. 

Character recipe: WS53WJ9YY

Street Fighter 6 Maki Itoh

Maki Itoh (Credit: sacaitlin)

The only real-life character here, Maki Itoh is a famous Japanese wrestler who could give Street Fighter’s own Rainbow Mika a run for her money. You won’t be choke-slamming anyone as her, but if you are a wrestlehead you’ll get a kick out of playing as her. 

Character recipe: Y98JKVNCU

Street Fighter 6 Carl

Carl Brutananadilewski (Credit: B-J09)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Carl mostly practices the art of push-fighting but thanks to this character recipe you can have him cut loose against a whole city of unsuspecting NPCs. Just tell him they said something bad about Journey.

Character recipe: S7ARW4WG5

Those, then, are all the best character recipes in Street Fighter 6. If you want to keep an eye out for more, Reddit’s /SF6Avatars is a good place to start. And check out the rest of our Street Fighter 6 guides and coverage. 

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