All the World’s a Stage …


Professional, televised gaming is coming. According to a report over at Yahoo, the USA network has signed a deal with Major League Gaming to produce televised versions of select MLG match-ups starting in November. Just in time for sweeps, apparently.

While, as some are saying, this will perhaps open the door to more mainstream acceptance of video gaming, like the X-Games and the Olympics have done for “extreme” sports like snowboarding, it could also open that box in the corner marked “Property of Pandora – Do Not Open.” Check this site to find out how.

I think the gains for gaming as a whole may outweigh the potential pitfalls, but the first few years of this brave, new experience may be a little rough. For example, USA will apparently spend more time covering competitors who are photogenic over those who aren’t. Having been to quite a few gatherings of gamers and geeks, I imagine their show runner will have his hands full making those decisions.

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