Alt+Escape: 10 Gnomes


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10 Gnomes

Games don’t come much simpler than 10 Gnomes: There are ten gnomes hidden somewhere in a picture, and you must find them all – navigate through the picture by moving the mouse to scroll from side to side, and click to zoom in and out. Like I said, it’s simple.

Simple, yes. Easy, no. Very no. See, gnomes are tricky little creatures, with emphasis on both “tricky” and “little.” Some of them are fairly easy to find, but others are extremely well hidden – and finding all ten in any given level can be chalked up to good luck as much as meticulous searching. Personally, I must confess that I’ve only completed one of the blasted puzzles.

There are twelve episodes of 10 Gnomes in all, and if you’re dedicated and determined enough to try and complete all of them, it’ll definitely be an excellent Friday time-waster. Best of all, since it isn’t immediately obvious as a game, you can always tell your boss that you’re looking at a friend’s arthouse photography.

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