Alt+Escape: CutCopyPasteGnome


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The bad news: You’re a prisoner in the catacombs of Gnome Tower, at the mercy of the Dark Gnome Lord. The good news: You’ve been granted the powers of Clipboardius, the god of those three sweet tools of image editing: Cut, Copy, Paste. The weird news: You can’t copy anything in an area outlined by red.

CutCopyPasteGnome is a short but sweet puzzle game in which the objective is to help your short, behatted friend to the exit in each room. To do so, you’ll have to cut, copy and paste objects in the room to get there. Need to hold down a switch? Copy the crate. Need to light up a dark area to see where you’re going? Copy the torchlight.

It’s a very simple but very clever mechanic, and there will be puzzles that stump the hell out of you before it just clicks and you smack your head in frustration at not having realized it sooner. …at least, if you’re me, anyway.

Stupid adorable gnomes.

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