Alt+Escape: Graveyard Shift


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Graveyard Shift

It’s the Halloween season, and that means that we’re looking to do battle with all manners of creepy crawlies. Zombies? Shoot them in the face. Witches? Shoot them in the face. Werewolves? Shoot them in the face (with silver bullets). Mummies? …you get the idea.

That’s what Graveyard Shift is all about: There are evil beasties that go bump in the night, and you have a gun with infinite ammo. Go have fun. It’s kind of like classic light-gun games such as Duck Hunt, only instead of ducks you shoot zombies, and instead of a dog laughing at you when you fail you presumably get mauled by the undead.

A warning, though: Graveyard Shift gets pretty tough after those first few levels. Saving the helpless maidens gets nigh-impossible, you’ll be trying to frantically last until the next powerup, and spam-clicking the entire screen like a particularly fierce section of Diablo II.

And it’s still kind of awesome.

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