Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Has Lots of Peter Parker, Almost No Spidey


We’ve got another year before The Amazing Spider-Man comes to movie theaters, but the first trailer has just appeared on the Web.

The Amazing Spider-Man has been one of those reboots that a lot of fans haven’t been too sure about, especially after the mess of Spider-Man 3. However, the first teaser trailer for the film is now out, and it certainly looks promising, though it features an awful lot of Peter Parker moping about and not very much of Spider-Man being Spider-Man, doing whatever a spider can.

Based on the lengthy teaser-trailer, this is going to be a much darker and more “realistic”-looking film than Sam Raimi’s trilogy was. It also seems to be downplaying Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) as a sensitive super nerd and instead focuses on how he’s a lonely outcast who just wants to be loved by Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone). Oh, and apparently when he gets his powers he starts spinning webs out of the back of his neck or something (wait… what?). Other than that, there’s really not much else, but we do get some glimpses of Aunt May and Uncle Ben, as well as Kurt Conners (AKA The Lizard). At the very end of the trailer, we get to see some first-person perspective of Spidey in action, which is probably going to appear in the movie to make the 3D experience all the more intense.

Actually, this doesn’t look too bad so far. The art style looks pretty decent, the cast of actors certainly seems great, and Marc Webb’s 500 Days of Summer was an excellent movie. The only thing I’m worried about right now is if EA is going to sue Sony for ripping off Mirror’s Edge so blatantly in that last segment.

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