Crysis 2 is on sale all day, and Amazon’s got some other goodies available at discounted prices.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Amazon these days, but the site really seems to enjoy putting popular videogames on sale, lately. Today is no exception: Not only is Crysis 2 discounted all day, but Amazon’s got some pretty major deals on other top titles.

The Deal of the Day, Crysis 2, is being sold for $34.99 across the board (though it’s $29.99 for the digital download version). Right now, NBA 2K11 is on sale for $29.99, but earlier deals have included Dragon Age II and Dead Space 2.

Based on the hints for upcoming deals, it looks like Rift, Madden 11 and NCAA Football 11 will also be discounted. Granted, those last two are just educated guesses, but the clues mention college football and a football “perennial franchise.” There’s also mention of a Sonic the Hedgehog game, so perhaps Sonic Colors will go on sale.

Source: Amazon

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