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Amnesia Dev Frictional Games Tease New Title with ‘I Am Tasi’ Trailer

Frictional Games i am tasi trailer teaser

Swedish indie developer Frictional Games is best known for creating story-based survival horror games, and they just apparently teased another one. The studio put up a mysterious video titled “I am Tasi” today in advance of announcing their next game. While only 27 seconds long, the video offers up an intriguing look at what’s next for the studio. No information beyond the video has been announced for the untitled game, which is the developer’s first release since 2015.

“Don’t lose it. No, no, come on,” says an exasperated woman at the start of the trailer. “I need to find him. He must understand. I am Tasi. I am still Tasi.” The video then shows a brief shot of a desert location during a sandstorm. While this tease raises more questions than answers, it definitely looks unlike Frictional Games’ previous titles.

Frictional Games came onto the horror scene in 2007 when they released Penumbra: Overture and quickly found a niche within the genre by creating games that featured minimal combat. The next year they’d finish the series with two more entries in the episodic series titled Black Plague and Requiem.

It was 2010’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent that catapulted the studio to prominence as it received critical acclaim due to its great atmosphere. While Frictional Games didn’t develop the sequel to AmnesiaA Machine for Pigs was instead handled by The Chinese Room — they returned in 2015 with Soma. Taking place in an underwater research facility, the game was heavily praised for its story, although some found its enemy encounters to be underwhelming.

Stay tuned for more updates on Frictional Games.

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