Andrew Garfield Blames Sony For Amazing Spider-Man 2 Failures

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Star say studio interference to blame for underwhelming sequel

To say that Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise has been troubled would probably be an understatement.

The plot of the original film was dramatically reworked several times between shooting and release, and a lukewarm reception led to its own sequel being dubbed a “soft reboot” with a reworked look/tone meant to launch a proper trilogy. But said sequel was met with tepid (for a superhero blockbuster) box-office and poor reviews, leading to delays, departures and general uncertainty about the future of the franchise – which Sony was trumpeting as a powerhouse of yearly sequels, spinoffs and crossovers prior to ASM2’s poor reception.

Now, Spider-Man himself is weighing in on what went wrong: And he blames the studio.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, actor Andrew Garfield (who took over the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire after Sony canceled Spider-Man 4 in favor of a series-reboot) explained that while he was very fond of the sequel’s original script, some folks in charge felt differently:

“I think what happened was, through the pre-production, production, and post-production, when you have something that works as a whole, and then you start removing portions of it-because there was even more of it than was in the final cut, and everything was related. Once you start removing things and saying, “No, that doesn’t work,” then the thread is broken, and it’s hard to go with the flow of the story. Certain people at the studio had problems with certain parts of it, and ultimately the studio is the final say in those movies because they’re the tentpoles, so you have to answer to those people.”

Officially, Sony is still planning a series of spin-offs to debut before and after the eventual release of Amazing Spider-Man 3; including Sinister Six and a star-vehicle for an unidentified female character.

Source: The Daily Beast

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