Angry Birds: The Movie Uncovers Avian Conspiracy


Angry Birds: The Movie will make millions of people question why they’ve been killing so many pigs.

Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds is a phenomenon in the mobile game world, selling millions of copies since its release in December 2009. Now, it’s also become a movie trailer in the style of a Michael Bay production, created by Rooster Teeth of Red vs. Blue fame.

When the world’s top ornithologists (people that study birds) are murdered, only one man can recover the eggs captured by the pigs responsible. It won’t be easy, but at least he’s got a billion dollar slingshot at his disposal.

Between heartfelt moments spent sitting on the railroad tracks with a female friend, the man will have to take down structures made of wood, glass, and stone by firing birds into them, just like in the game. However, in the movie version of Angry Birds, the “player” begins to grow a conscience because of the fact that he’s killing a lot of birds to serve his commander’s ends.

Are pigs a menace to the American public, or are they being unfairly targeted? Are the Angry Birds our true enemy? We’ll never find out, unless Rooster Teeth turns this trailer into a full length feature. I’d watch it. Rovio has talked about bringing Angry Birds to movie theaters, but the resulting production probably wouldn’t be this cool.

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