Another French Retailer Outs Black Ops 2


Another French retailer has dropped the dime on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Activision reportedly got its panties in a pretty good twist a couple of weeks ago when the French version of Amazon let slip that the Call of Duty iteration for 2012 would be Black Ops 2. The product page was taken down quickly but not before it was seen and reported on by Gameblog, which quickly led to claims and denials that Activision had blacklisted the site for refusing to pull the story.

Now comes a report of yet another French retailer, Fnac, and yet another advertisement for Black Ops 2, this time with the added bonus of a release date: November 12, to be precise. That ad vanished shortly after it went online as well, but once again it was captured for posterity by a quick-acting website, in this case Gamepur.

Activision hasn’t yet commented on the situation and, given the stink that followed the Gameblog situation, will probably either just ignore it this time around or take the standard “no comment on rumor and speculation” route. And really, what’s the big deal? A Black Ops sequel is as inevitable as the sunrise and even if November 12 is a straight-up guess, it’s hardly a great act of Kreskination: Every Call of Duty game since the dawn of time [or at least since 2006] has come out in the first half of November.

via: MCV

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