Marvel continues strategy to re-brand troubled production as “I Meant To Do That: The Movie”

There’s simple, there’s minimalism and then there’s the first official poster for Ant-Man; which cheekily offers a “life-sized” view of its teeny-tiny titular hero.

Humor (and/or deliberate trolling) has been the order of the day ever since the Mighty Marvel Marketing Machine kicked into gear for the film, the release of which was seen as an uphill climb (an unknown character with less-than-impressive-sounding powers and a potentially anti-climactic post-Ultron release date) even before the studio enraged fans with a shocking split with original director Edgar Wright.

Comedy specialist Peyton Reed has since stepped into the chair to direct the humor-focused sci-fi adventure, which features Paul Rudd as a reformed thief who takes up the mantle of Ant-Man – whose abilities include changing size while retaining full strength and communicating with ants – from its creator (Michael Douglas) to battle corporate-criminal Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll.) The first trailer for the film is set to debut during tonight’s premiere of Agent Carter.

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