Disney bad kid series teases black magic, wicked teenagers

Disney’s Descendants has been one of the more unusual-sounding TV projects of 2015 since it was first announced back in June. Now, a brief teaser has landed online, along with a YouTube Channel dedicated to the made-for-Disney Channel feature (which is presently still without an official premiere date.)

The high-concept telefilm (which is reportedly eyed as a potential series) is set in a Kingdom populated by the flesh-and-blood incarnations of characters from Disney’s classic animated movies, and follows the now-teenage children of four infamous Disney Villains (The Wicked Queen, Maleficent, Jaffar and Cruella DeVille) as they become the first “evil” characters admitted to a posh private school previously restricted to the offspring of their parents’ “good” onetime enemies.

In the teaser, Maleficent’s daughter Mal (Dove Cameron) is glimpsed briefly from behind approaching an apple tree; whose fruit she proceeds to transform into the film’s logo via her mother’s familiar green-smoke magic. The wicked parents then appear in instantly-recognizable silhouette. While “established” characters will appear (Kristen Chenoweth is Maleficent), thus far only the main four have been officially revealed.

Source: Disney Descendants


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