ARMS Release Date Revealed Alongside New JoyCon Battery Pack


In a special ARMS presentation, Nintendo revealed a new character for the game, and a bit more info about how it will play.

ARMS is Nintendo’s wacky new fighter IP, where you play as people with springy, explodey ARMS that try to punch each other. Think Wii Boxing but as a full game. In a special Splatoon 2 and ARMS-focused Nintendo Direct, Nintendo dropped some information about the game, including, most importantly, a release date of June 16.

The video above details both a new character for the game (Minmin) as well as an in-depth explanation of how combat will work. Additionally, Nintendo released some details about new accessories that were dropping alongside ARMS. They are: a new yellow color for the controllers, and something called the AA Battery Pack, which is like a JoyCon battery pack adapter that will give your JoyCon a little more battery life.

Source: Nintendo

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