Army of Two Sequel Coming In Winter


Everyone’s favorite vaguely homoerotic co-op shooter is getting the sequel treatment in the form of Army of Two: The 40th Day, which finds heroes Salem and Rios having some hot Shanghai nights.

Kill terrorists, bump fists, crouch-run side-by-side with my bestest bro. Score the cash, go shopping, customize our guns with ribbons and rhinestones. What could be better than Army of Two‘s so totally-not-gay co-op shooter action? More of it. Army of Two: The 40th Hour, which is currently in the works at Electronic Arts’ Montreal branch, will hit the 360, PS3 and PSP this winter.

The sequel will find uber-men Salem and Rios caught in the middle of some chaos taking place in Shanghai where a “carefully orchestrated series of mysterious catastrophes” is turning the bustling metropolis into a total warzone, leaving the Army of Two to sort things out and figure out the secret of “The 40th Day.” Gameplay-wise, the sequel will expand the Army of Two‘s playbook of co-op tag-team maneuvers, “opening up new strategies and countless choices for both players.”

“With Army of Two: The 40th Day, we’re pushing the tactical two-man military team into new battlegrounds offering a completely organic and rich co-op experience to deliver an action-packed co-op shooter this winter,” executive producer Reid Schneider boasted.

No word on whether The 40th Hour will tie into the planned Army of Two movie. As of October last year, the script was still in the works, so depending on how quickly they fast track the project, it might be ready for theaters come winter. That’d be a fun night, wouldn’t it? Call up your best bro, go out somewhere nice for dinner, maybe do some window shopping, watch the Army of Two movie, then go back to your place and play the new Army of Two game. Together.

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