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Ok ,well for first column I’ve decided to explore the overlooked but greatly appeciatedMusic and Theme songs of our beloved RPG genre.
If i had to name my fav theme song i would have to say Utada Hikaru’s “Simple and Clean” from Kingdom hearts. My second favorite song would have to be 1000 words the Jade from SWEETBOX version from FFX-2. These two songs are about the pain and joy of love. At least I seem to think so. They explain so much about human emotions and why someone feels the way they do. It expresses the deep regret of a mistake made in the past. I guess im a sucker for those type of songs. I believe I am a hopeless romantic.

Now I would like to explore the simple background music of RPG’s. Who could talk about music in a game and forget to mention FF?? Personally I dont believe I could leave it out. Now everyone knows that FF takes a lot into making sure every world town and battle sequence has “top notch” music and precise composition. Now of course there are some faults but every FF has at least a couple if not more extremely good songs. A personal favorite of mine is FFVIII’s Winhill music. It Shows and reminds us of our carefree childhood and adolecent innocence.

Lastly i would like to conclude by saying I hope you all enjoy my first column and that you will come back for more. please email me for any thoughts or concerns. (am i goin in the right direction? wrong direction? suggestions? feel free.)

ShuYinStyRfe37 email: [email protected]

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