Comics and Cosplay: Comics Collection for May/June 2014

Stew Shearer | 26 Jun 2014 18:00
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The Escapist's Comics and Cosplay crew offers its recommendations for comics for the months of May and June.

It's been awhile hasn't it? And while we wish we could say we've been lost on some cosmic adventure in unknown parts of the universe, I'm sad to say that our poor comic round-ups have merely been lost in the shuffle as mounting work schedules left us unable to keep up. Now, however we're back and we hope you'll join us as we of The Escapist's Comics & Cosplay channel offer you some reading recommendations from the months of May and June.

On deck this week: Stew Shearer and Marshall Lemon. And first on the list, it's...

Silver Surfer #2 (and beyond)

Much like with my recent introduction to Moon Knight, I missed the first issue of Marvel's new Silver Surfer series. This was a bit of a bummer on my part because this was another character that I'd heard of but never read and had been looking forward to acquainting myself to. Luckily, the series didn't dive so deep into its story that I couldn't catch on in issue 2, which I picked up recently and pretty much loved from cover to cover. The book wholeheartedly embraces the inherent weirdness of Marvel's cosmic storytelling and uses it to present a sincere story with its tongue just far enough in its cheek that it should earn more than few grins from the reader. Particular compliments also go out to writer Dan Slott who, in Dawn Greenwood, has produced a new female character who's utterly likable and imbued with a flavor of natural capability that's just fun to watch. Grab issue 2 and the rest of the series while you're at it.


Favorite Moment: "Earth. It's always someone from Earth."

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