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Rainy Day Superman Fights For Truth, Justice, And Mopey Poetry

Ross Lincoln | 3 Jul 2014 20:45
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Once again, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is accidentally hilarious.

Today, the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice production released the image you see to your right, our first official glimpse of how a more seasoned Superman is going to look in the period after General Zod almost destroyed Metropolis (and the Indian Ocean!) during Man of Steel. Unfortunately, the response has been, well, probably not what Warner Bros. was hoping for.

I almost feel kind of bad for Zach Snyder at this point. Every single time something new from Batman v. Superman is released, everyone ends up laughing and pointing as though Zach forgot to wear pants to school one morning. It almost feels unfair. It isn't as if this stuff is necessarily bad, on a technical level anyway. But it's so super* grimdark, and seems to be trying so desperately to be taken seriously and to evoke profound feelings in you that you start to think they must be making a parody. I mean, look at it: Superman apparently got dumped in-between movies and is now walking in the rain just to get wet on purpose. It gets better Supes, I swear!

But not for you, Zach. People are going to keep having fun with the stuff you release until by 2016 we're all going to think the movie is called Batman v. Superman: The Notebook. Then again, maybe that's his plan all along. Obviously, he can't have been ignorant to how Sad Batman struck fear into the hearts of emo criminals, right? Which means he must want everyone to photoshop Mopey Teenage Superman** like it's about to fall victim to wartime rationing.

And they are! For your amusement are 13 of the funniest (and best) responses to Superman In The Rain. Enjoy yourselves, and when you're done, be sure and pop any you see into comments. We may do a follow-up gallery with the results.

* Pun definitely intended.
** an official meme name hasn't coalesced around these images yet. Sorry.

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