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Lady Thor Fan Art Is Worthy To Wield Mjölnir

Ross Lincoln | 22 Jul 2014 15:20
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Months in advance of the debut of Marvel's new female Thor, fans are turning in some impressive tributes to the Goddess of Thunder.

Come October, big changes are coming to the Marvel universe as The Mighty Thor - the name as well as the job of God of Thunder - will be taken over by an as-yet unnamed female character. It's a cool move, if a little weird, since the male version of Thor will still exist. He'll lose the right to wield Mjölnir, at which point the new Thor will take his place. So to recap, she'll be the new God of Thunder, aaand she will also be called Thor. While at the same time, there will be another Asgardian named Thor who used to have her job and occupy her place in the divine hierarchy and man, Thanksgiving dinner is going to be awkward.

Hopefully this is all going to make sense when the new female Thor makes her debut, but while we wait, now's as good a time as any to check in on what the fans think of all this. A scan of Deviant Art has yielded a treasure trove of great fan art paying tribute to the new incarnation of Thor, and it also makes a nice pre-San Diego Comic-Con palate cleanser.

I'm impressed by a lot of this. Some of it is amateurish to be sure, but to be honest, I don't mind awkward proportions and body parts placements - after all, we've all read comics by Jim Lee and Rob Leifeld, right*? These people demonstrate a lot of ability and, I hope, will end up producing some original comics that get them noticed.

So here for your enjoyment is a look at some of the best Lady Thor fan art. Enjoy.

First up, here's "New Thor", by Hallopino.


* Yeah, I said it.

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