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Post 9/11 Watchmen and a Sci-Fi Odyssey - Comics Collection Nov. 27

Marshall Lemon | 27 Nov 2014 14:50
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Superheroes, mutants, robots, and monsters? The Escapist's Comics and Cosplay Team presents its Thanksgiving comic book recommendations.

Happy Thanksgiving! We here at The Escapist's Comics and Cosplay Team all hope you're enjoying the holiday. Which, when you're not spending time with family and clearing the meal table, is a great time to catch up on the latest comic books!

We've got a good selection to look at this week, starting with a new collection of 2006's Casanova and Grant Morrison's Watchmen-inspired Pax Americana. From there, I round things off with Arkham Manor, Gotham by Midnight, and Sinergy, but the rest of the team has their own suggestions!

Stew Shearer, for example, offers his thoughts on the new Wonder Woman creative team before turning to the latest Daredevil, Amazing X-Men, and Uncanny X-Men. Finally, Marla Desat brings it home with Princess Ugg, Harley Quinn, Lumberjanes, and the Greek mythology sci-fi series ODY-C.

But first, let's take a look at:

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