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Nearly Dead Cory Art Day

Grey Carter | 20 Dec 2013 09:00
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Hello, boys and girls. It's been an exciting week for the Critical Miss team. And by "exciting," I mean horrible. Cory managed to get himself infected with some kind of horrific Super Flu. Meanwhile, I threw my back out, leaving me without the ability to look down - a skill vital to both creating comics and not pissing all over your own feet when you're in the bathroom. So, no comic today. Instead, here's a bunch of art we cobbled together at the last minute painstakingly curated for your viewing pleasure.

First up; The still very much Work-In-Progress cover for the first Critical Miss book, which will be released if and when we ever get the Kickstarter for it up and running. The book will likely collect the first 150 strips in all their terrible glory.


Second; A recent expression sheet for Erin. But who needs expressions when you have that classic comedic device, THE SMUGBROW?


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