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Grey Carter | 3 Feb 2012 10:00
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Don't take this strip too seriously - no way would any self-respecting Apple fan trade their baby for a black iPhone 4S.

Remember how a few weeks back I talked about the "two-person-talky-panel" (to use the technical term) that crops up in most gaming webcomics so the writer can explain the joke to filthy, non-gaming laypersons? Well this is the alternative. The "caption-which-explains-shit" (again, technical term, write this down) is a mainstay of British newspaper comics. Without these little tidbits explaining the context, eventually even the best strips from seriously top-tier cartoonists begin to resemble maddening fever-dreams.

So we're going to experiment with this format a little bit. We're about to embark on a more-involved storyline featuring Erin, and I don't want to mess with that continuity by having her occasionally transform into a walking, talking opinion-stick that I use to bludgeon people who disagree with my point of view.

In other news, Cory will be taking a holiday the week after next, so I'll be working with a guest artist or two. We'll (probably) be running a small competition to pick the artist(s) and it'll (probably) be paid work. More on this next Tuesday.

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