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Ottawa Comiccon Cosplay Gallery: Captain Canuck And K-9

Ross Lincoln | 13 May 2014 08:00
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Cosplayers descended on the Canadian capital; many great costumes ensued.

If you were in Ottawa, Canada over the weekend, then I hardly have to tell you that Ottawa Comiccon was in full effect. The rest of us weren't able to attend, but luckily, our own Marla Desat was on the scene, and she's brought back a slew of great cosplay pics.

Why click on? Because there's a surprising amount of Doctor Who?, a Team Fortress group photo, a completely authentic Dalek, even an amazing costumed duo dressed as the super heroic spirit of Canada. Keep reading, and enjoy the fun you didn't get to have in person.

First up, here's Blade and The Green Arrow keeping the halls of Ottawa ComicCon safe.


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