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What Will The Empire and The Rebellion Be Drinking in Star Wars VII?

John Keefer | 10 Nov 2014 15:15
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Imperial Stout Troopers

Apparently, there exists a stout craft beer out of Connecticut named Imperial Stout Troopers, coming from Woodbridge's New England Brewing Company. To be fair, it has been around since 2006, which goes to show how much we pay attention to craft brews. But, with Star Wars Episode VII in full production, this got us thinking: Just what will the fine folks of the Empire and the Rebellion be tossing back at the cantinas across the galaxy? We have it on good authority that several members of both the Empire and Rebellion will be lending their names to their own brands to appease their imbibing fans.

Sit back and get your palate ready for some intriguing tastes from the resident alcohol aficionados here at The Escapist, and how we envision these fine tastes all in the spirit of good fun:

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