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9 Phobias You'll Encounter in Layers of Fear

Nick Monroe | 9 Feb 2016 16:00
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On February 16th, Layers of Fear gets a full release on Steam. Before then, we thought people might be rusty on the topic of fear itself. The psychological horror experience isn't just jump scares and blood everywhere. The true power of fear is tapping into what a person's anxieties are, and what fills them with dread. The mighty Indiana Jones takes on all sorts of danger, but his only exception is snakes terrify him. Let's not delay this fright refresher course any further.

What are you afraid of the most? Muster up the courage to tell us in the comments!



Fear of clowns. When the circus comes into town, people with coulrophobia get out of town. Maybe even the state if they're really paranoid about it. Although they're intended for laughter, clowns strike terror into the hearts of some people. Stephen King's It movie from 1990 is the worst experience for them.

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