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Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

Evan Hoovler | 26 Oct 2011 16:45
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"Vrooom!" Your flatbed accelerates out of a curve, its headlights cutting swatches of the thick fog. The chords of CCR's "Midnight Special" gnash through the staticky FM radio like a dinosaur rhythmically gnashing its teeth. You reach over, grab the volume knob, and pause. Do you want it up, or down? You don't even care, just something different.

Glancing down at your sleeping baby, you decide to turn it all the way off. The child coos happily, then settles back into deep slumber. Turning your eyes back to the road, your eyes are greeted by the nightmare vision of someone standing right in the middle, your oversized hauling truck barreling down on them. You slam on the breaks. For a moment, you even consider wrenching the wheel, but think better of it and maintain control of the truck, hoping they dive out of the way. As your truck bears down on the hapless person, their head snaps towards you. In the brief instant before impact, you can't help but think you see your own face staring at you through the windshield. You let out a scream and close your eyes, your world fills with the sounds of brakes screeching and screaming. Finally, your car comes to a rest a stretch down the road. You check on the baby, besides some ear-piercing shrieking, they seem unharmed. Hopping out of the cab, you grab your trusty flashlight and short-wave radio. You squint, trying to make out a trace of the accident, but the fog is so thick you can barely see the back of your truck. However, you must push on, the person you struck could need help.

- Run to the spot of the accident

- Turn on the flashlight

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