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Pick Your Path: Assassin's Creed

Evan Hoovler | 24 Jan 2012 18:00
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Crouched 150 feet above deck, you shift your footing on the mast as a biting wind hits you head on. Staring past the bow, you attempt to make out the waves, but the ocean is pitch black on this moonless night.

They say this ship is unsinkable... that's where you come in. Ever since the turn of the century, you've been trying to gain admission to the most legendary guild of assassin's in all the land: The Black Hand. Finally, in 1912, you received your first assignment.

You must admit the subject of your first assassination left you quite confused. You had expected your trial run to involve a target more... human. Still, when you peeled open the wax-sealed envelope to find a third-class ticket and orders to sink an ocean liner, you took the mission with all the seriousness of a papalcide.

Having surveyed the deck from your position on the beam above the crow's nest, you hop down, landing in a conveniently placed haystack. Springing to your feet, you decide where to go next.

- Follow the sound of music below deck

- Investigate a long queue leading into a nearby room

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