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8 Generous Billionaires Who Are Giving Away Their Fortune

Schuyler J. Dievendorf | 23 Sep 2014 12:45
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There's a recent fad that has dug its claws into the very wealthy, the need to give back. These eight billionaires are going to be giving away a vast majority of their wealth during their lifetime, or upon their death. So let's celebrate these people that are willing to donate their money to good causes. You can find out more about the pledge at The Giving Pledge.

"Millions of people who regularly contribute to churches, schools, and other organizations thereby
relinquish the use of funds that would otherwise benefit their own families. The dollars these people
drop into a collection plate or give to United Way mean forgone movies, dinners out, or other personal
pleasures. In contrast, my family and I will give up nothing we need or want by fulfilling this
99% pledge." - Warren Buffett

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