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8 of the Best Shooters From The Past 10 Years

Schuyler J. Dievendorf | 3 Nov 2014 15:20
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With the release of the much anticipated Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare we're going to look back at some of the best FPS games to be produced in the past ten years. Luckily over the years the genre has become quite the powerhouse, with Activision's Call of Duty leading the pack. So buckle up and prepare for some incoming fire.


BioShock takes you to the magical city of Rapture, an underwater city that has more than its fair share of secrets. Rapture is the brainchild of Randian magnate Andrew Ryan, you're Jack and you just want out of this watery mausoleum.You're surrounded by splicers, these were once normal people but now they're dangerous blood-thirsty monsters.

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