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8 PC Case Mods You Need to See

Ron Whitaker | 12 Feb 2015 17:00
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PC gamers love to mod their cases. Sometimes it's subtle; a light here, a decal there. But sometimes the builds can get amazingly intricate and detailed, and it's those builds that catch our eye. I've picked eight of my personal favorites to show you here, but the world is full of awesome case mods. If you have a favorite (or if you've done some modding yourself) show it off in the comments!

Sputnik Retro Case

Created by Swedish artist Love Hulten, this retro PC combines new tech with a classic look. Plenty of wood, classic perforated board for ventilation covers, and a flip-up keyboard panel accentuate the classic lines of this mod. It even has a built in monitor. The lines are reminiscent of one of the first PCs I ever worked with - the Commodore CBM.

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