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8 Cosplay Costumes that Definitely Catch Your Eye

Ron Whitaker | 4 Mar 2015 14:30
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One of the coolest things about any gaming convention is the cosplay. Passionate gamers spend weeks or even months working on costumes to show off their love for their favorite characters. While I'm not one to dress up (it tends to make getting to appointments on time difficult), I certainly enjoy seeing all the costumes at every con I visit. We'll have plenty of cosplay photos from PAX East this weekend, but these eight are some of my favorite cosplays I've ever seen.

Got favorite of your own, or a photo of you in costume? Post it in the comments!

Green Army Man

We all had little green army men as kids, right? No? Maybe I'm just old. At any rate, the Toy Story movies brought the little plastic toys back into prominence. This cosplay shows some serious work done to make things just right, including plenty of body paint. All he needs is a buddy with a mine detector.

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